Integrating With Website

Integrating OptinMagic campaigns with your website to create a cohesive user experience and capture leads directly from your site. With OptinMagic you can enhance engagement, boost conversions, and grow your business. By strategically embedding these campaigns within your website, you can effortlessly collect valuable data and engage your visitors effectively.

Integrating an OptinMagic campaign with your website is a seamless process that allows you to display your campaigns and capture leads directly on your site. Throughout this guide, we will explore the step-by-step process of integrating OptinMagic campaigns with your website. To make it easy we have also created a video tutorial on how to integrate an OptinMagic campaign with your website So get ready to unlock the full potential of your website and take your lead generation to new heights.

Step 1: Access the OptinMagic Campaign Builder #

Log in to your OptinMagic account and navigate to the campaign page. Select the specific campaign you want to integrate with your website or create a new campaign if needed.

Step 2: Retrieve the Embed Code #

Once you selected the campaign, hover over the campaign and click the code icon. Now a pop-up will appear where you’ll get the code that allows you to place your campaign on your website. However, there is another way to copy the code, go to the campaign builder page and click on the “Integration Code”. On the pop-up, you’ll get the code.

Step 3: Copy the Embed Code #

After generating the embed code, select the “COPY TO CLIPBOARD” button. The code typically begins with “<script>” and ends with “</script>”.

Step 5: Paste the Embed Code on Your Website #

Open your website’s desired webpage where you want to display the OptinMagic campaign. Locate the section or area on the webpage where you want the campaign to appear.

Step 6: Integrate Campaign with Website #

Within the CMS or HTML editor, paste the copied embed code from OptinMagic into the appropriate location on the webpage. Save or update the webpage to apply the changes.

Step 7: Preview and Test the Integration #

Visit your website and navigate to the webpage where you embedded the OptinMagic campaign. Verify that the campaign appears correctly and functions as intended. Submit test entries to ensure that the leads are captured accurately and any desired actions or integrations are triggered.

By following these steps, you can integrate an OptinMagic campaign with your website seamlessly. By integrating the campaign with the website you can showcase your campaigns and capture leads directly on your site, maximizing engagement and conversion opportunities. Ensure that you test the integration thoroughly to guarantee a smooth user experience and reliable lead capture. To get more tutorials on OptinMagic, visit our Blog page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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